Friday, January 4, 2013

I promised a post......

A couple of days ago I promised that I would update this blog.  Then, as life tends to do, I was sidetracked.  However, here is an update about Beijing:

Are you ready?

Nothing has changed.

I am still on course to recruit a few more people for the trip.  As it stands right now we have 10 people confirmed.  The deposits for the flight were just sent to me, so I'll contact each of you individually once I have a chance to sit down and look at all of the checks.

Please spread the word about Beijing.  While the trip can move forward with 10 people, that is the minimum number it can move forward with, and I'd like to have a little wiggle room.  In addition to that factor, a class of 10 people is great.  But to really make the trip an enriching experience, a few more would really enhance our daily discussions and adventures.

If you haven't already, please purchase the books from Amazon or another online seller.  During the Spring semester you will be tested on the readings.

In a previous email I sent you my personal phone number. If you need it again, please email and let me know.  I'm always available to you by text (preferably), by phone and of course through email.

On a bit of a personal note, in my almost 10 years of teaching college classes, I've finally taken some time off.  Each time Winter break rolls around I find myself prepping for the coming semester, or burying myself in 'work' projects.  This year was a bit different.  I actually took a couple of  weeks off.  No emails, no work, just relaxing.  Well, sort of relaxing...........I started a side business.  I won't disclose what that business is on the blog, but we can certainly talk about it during our requisite Spring meetings.  The only hint I'll give you is that it has absolutely nothing to do with academia. 

Until next time....


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