Monday, October 29, 2012

Deposit Reminder

Hello Folks,

Here is the email I sent on October 23rd:

I have been in contact with the travel agent, among many other people regarding the trip.  As it stands now, there are a few things you should follow up on ASAP: 

1). Passport, passport, passport.  If you have not included the information about your passport on your application, please send it to me ASAP.  If you have not already applied for a passport, you'll need to do that ASAP (that means this week).  Check the expiration date of your passport - it needs to be valid until at least 2014 (or 6 months after the trip).

2). Please email me your deposit check ASAP to the following address:

Carol-Lynn Perez
P.O. Box 931
Placerville, CA 95667-0931

The check should be made out to me (I will coordinate the Visa application and such, so I'll need your deposit as soon as possible).  The check amount:  $170.  Once I receive your check I will send you the Student Handbook so you can get started reading all about China and the wonderful experience that awaits you. 

The check should be postmarked by October 29th, which is this coming Monday, so please get it in the mail very soon.

3). I am planning the syllabus and have most of the readings put together.  As you know from the orientation meetings, there will be some work due during the Spring 2013 semester.  Most of the work will pertain to the readings, so I can send you a list of readings/books as soon as I receive your deposit check.  It would be a good idea to start the readings over the Christmas break, just to get a head start. 

Once again, I need to request that y'all get the word out about the trip.  We still need a few more folks for the trip - so bring a friend and have them contact me as soon as humanly possible.


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