Monday, December 3, 2012

Flight Deposit

Hello World Travelers,

I have been on and off the phone all morning with the travel agent trying to figure out how they want the deposit.  Right now they are telling me that they can't charge your credit cards individually, and that they would prefer that I collect checks, and send them all to the travel agent.

You can imagine my hesitation.  What *I* want to do is have you give them your credit card information electronically so that we don't have to deal with snail mail any longer, but the travel agent seems to be resistant to that idea.

I will keep you all posted with what's going on through my blog so that you aren't inundated with emails from me.  Check back later or tomorrow for an update with what's going on with the deposit.

One things for certain - the tickets will remain at $1,065!!!!!!! 


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