Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Calls, calls, and more calls.....

After speaking with what seems like a thousand people, I still have only a few answers.  However, the travel agent got back to me and said that the price was $935 per ticket, with a $350 surcharge for fuel.   That means each ticket is going to be $1285 instead of the original quoted price. 

It's still MUCH better than the estimated $1500, but not as good as I was originally quoted (and confirmed 3 times).  I've got calls out to Air China, and two other travel agents to see what can be done to bring down the price further. 

As soon as I find out anymore information, I'll let y'all know.  I'm waiting for a few call backs that will likely take place tomorrow. 

I'm still fighting.........VERY HARD for you guys.


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