Thursday, December 6, 2012

Flight issues resolved......sort of

Hello There Fabulous Folks,

I've been on the phone most of the day again trying to resolve the issues with the flight.  It looks like we are moving forward with the $1285 price (booking at the end of February).  Our travel agent said that there *may* be a slight fluctuation up or down due to fuel surcharges, but that we should come in right around the $1285 price.

I called around to a number of different travel agents and what they said confirmed what I already knew - the price that we are getting through the current travel agent is a great deal.  Another agent quoted me $1500, another $1600, and yet another $1400.  So I think it's time to settle this matter and move forward.

Please stay on course to submit your $100 deposit by Tuesday to Patricia at the Comm. Dept. Office in the Hugh Gillis Hall building on campus.  She has been kind enough to offer to gather all deposits and send them directly to me.

Keep in mind that the phone number that I provided you can either be talk or text, so feel free to contact me either way.

I hope you have a restful weekend.

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