Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Flight Deposit - IMPORTANT INFO.

Here is the email I just sent out to everyone........

Hello Beijing 2013ers,

After going back and forth with the travel agency, the Comm. Dept., and the University for the past few days, it has been decided that your deposit check for $100 will be handed into the Communication Studies Department.   Because the price for the flight was such a great deal (savings of over $400 per ticket), I had to write a personal check to the travel agency to secure that price.  If I had not sent a personal check directly to the travel agency, the prices for the flight would have been much higher.  And because I wanted my students to save as much money as possible, this is what the travel agency required.

Please drop off a check to the Communication Studies Department no later than Tuesday, December 11th at 3:00pm.  Follow these instructions:

1). Make the check out for $100, payable to Carol-Lynn Perez.
2). In the memo field in the lower left hand corner of the check write:  Flight Deposit
3). Put the check in a sealed envelope.
4). Write your name in the upper left hand corner of the envelope.
5). On the front of the envelope put it attention to: Patricia

Patricia will then forward to me all of the deposit checks at the same time on Tuesday, December 11th. Keep in mind that we will likely book at the end of February, so please be prepared for that.

In case you need to contact me for any reason please call me at (see email for phone number).  Please keep this phone number confidential, as this is my personal cell phone number.

Let me know if any questions or concerns arise.


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