Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Flight problems......

Hello Folks,

Here's the latest update about the flight:

This morning I spoke with the travel agent about the flight.  She confirmed that the flights would be $1,065 per person.  I made sure to confirm this price at least 3 times before I sent out the email to y'all this afternoon, and before I sent a personal check for $1,600 to lock in this amazing price.  I was going along my day, chatting with students, grading papers, running errands for our Beijing trip, and my iPhone dings.  The travel agent sends me an email saying that Air China cancelled our group flight with our locked in rate of $1,065 and our rate would now be $1,385.

I'm sure you can imagine how frustrated I am at this point.  To try and take care of the issue, I have been on the phone all afternoon with Air China, our travel agent and many other people trying to get back the original rate we were quoted. 

Please know that I'm fighting as hard as I can for you guys.

Stay tuned for more details.  I will post to my blog as soon as I know more.........


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