Thursday, July 4, 2013

Day 13 – Relaxing and Exploring

Not too much to report today except staying at the dorms, grabbing lunch in the cafeteria and heading out to a place called Hou Hai Park.  The morning was fairly quiet with the students.  It was a day that they were able to get some additional rest because we didn’t have anything planned.  So folks generally went their own way to experience Beijing, or hang back to relax.  Because there wasn’t too much going on today, I’ll leave you with a post from Marisela Chavez:

Climbing the great wall was a very exciting experience. Climbing the wall is one of the things I can now cross off, of my bucket list. Climbing all the way to the top is an accomplishment that I wasn't sure I was going to be able to complete.  The people climbing the wall were very nice. Everyone that was there had a very positive vibe. You were almost able to feed off of the energy of the people around you. I met a Russian man and his daughter. They were both very talkative and happy to be interacting with others.
            Taking the subway system here has been a pleasant experience, as much as people shove and push to get in and hoping to beat everyone else to a seat. It really isn't  that different from the bart system back home. The only real difference is that everything back home is a little more slow paced. Also our public transportation is not as clean and safe as it is here in China. I can honestly say that that I feel I have gone through all the tourist attractions. I hope that one day I can come back on my own and explore more of the local attractions instead of the typical tourist attractions.

Until tomorrow…….

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