Thursday, July 4, 2013

Day 14 – Theory and Shopping

Today we had a great day in class.  An expat named Josh came in and gave us a lecture on culture, politics and religion in China – he did a fantastic job!  We also had a discussion about one of the articles I required the students to read, which turned out to be very interesting.  The students have really grabbed ahold of the concepts we’ve been studying and applying them to their experiences.

After class we had lunch in the cafeteria (something I’m trying to continue with the students even though they are at the point where comforts from home and familiar things are starting to creep in), and headed off to the Pearl Market for some shopping.  The Pearl Market is like the Silk Market, but a bit less ‘touristy’.  Feel free to look those up online, as it will explain a bit more than I will here.  The students shopped for purses, wallets, tea sets, headphones, clothes, watches and a number of other things to bring back to the states. 

I’m sure you are sick of hearing about haggling in China, but I’m telling you, it sure is an experience.  Some students are better at haggling than others, and certainly better than I am, but all seem to be getting rock-bottom deals.  If you’d like, look up some videos on the “Silk Market” in Beijing to see what we’ve been experience.  I’d link a video, but You Tube is restricted here.

I’ll leave you with an entry from Carmelita Ramirez

Having only traveled out of the U.S. to Mexico and Canada, I was excited to embark on a new and very much foreign journey. I came to China with only one idea in mind, which was to experience a new culture with an open mind. Up until now I have tried a variety of new mouthwatering cuisines from pecking duck to Beijing’s famous dish noodle dish, of which I can’t remember the name. I have also finally been able to climb the world-renowned Great Wall of China! Although an exhausting experience, climbing the Wall is something that I will reminisce for many years to come.

Additionally, I have been able to visit the Olympic Park, the Summer Palace, and the notorious Tiananmen Square. While at these various locations I learned about the rich history and sometimes questionable doings associated with each of them. Nevertheless, I very much appreciated the locations for their breathtaking aesthetic and intricate appeal.

I look forward to new experiences in the days to come!

Until tomorrow…….

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