Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day 1 – arrival

We made it through our flight, customs and to the university ok.  The bus ride from the airport to the university was interesting.  We were able to observe a great many things while driving.  Of course the students connected the drive and some of the things we observed to our readings, which was great.  They were making theoretical connections already, or what I call TC’s. 

There were some snags the first night, but nothing we couldn’t figure out as a group. Each room had a couple bottles of water which was great, but we had no food.  After we got off the plane and arrived at campus we were pretty hungry.  Thankfully I had exchanged money ahead of time because I had to use it to buy everyone dinner.  We headed to the market on campus to purchase some cases of water and tried to find something for dinner. 

We discovered the market had a few American essentials, so we purchased some peanut butter and jelly and made sandwiches.  My students gathered in my room and we hung out wherever we could find space and I made dinner for everyone.  We bonded over PB&J and our bottles of water.  I think this set the tone for the whole trip – the students learned to go with the flow, and they also learned to trust that I have their best interest at heart.  I think they also got a kick out of their professor sitting on her bed making everyone sandwiches as best she could.  Pictures were taken.

We discovered the dorm rooms are sufficient.  Of course this is not a 5-star hotel, but we are decently comfortable and have all of the necessities. 

The first day ended pretty late, so after our PB&J we all settled in and tried to sleep. 

More tomorrow…….

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