Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day 7 – Settling In

There is not too much to report today.  We had class from 9am-12pm and talked about theory, practical experience related to theory, and talked about the course projects.  What surprised me was that I set a deadline for Friday night at midnight for all essays to be completed, but the students collectively decided that they wanted to move up the deadline to Thursday night at midnight in order to get things done early.  I happily obliged.  I’m still a little dumbfounded though, but the motto of this trip is “go with the flow”. 

I purchased a laundry card for the group so now folks are able to do their laundry. There are generally no dryers in China, so we wash our clothes and line dry them.  No big deal, just a shift from Western thinking.  I will admit though, I can’t wait to get home and dry my clothes with some fabric softener.  

We separated for a couple of hours, then ventured out to a Western favorite – Walmart.  We purchased some American items, and generally had a good time looking at all of the differences between a Western Walmart and one in China.  I have a feeling some will stock up on “Chinese type snacks” and bring them back to the states so family and friends can try out some things.

A few of us went to the Italian Restaurant near campus for dinner and had a fabulous time.  We had pizza, pasta, and a steak – all family style. On our walk back we were caught in a thunderstorm which we embraced and thoroughly enjoyed.  At one point we even stopped in the middle of the walkway just to take in the experience and enjoy the rain in China.

We ended the evening by a few of us gathering in my dorm room (remember, as the instructor, I have an open-door policy) to watch the lightening, listen to the thunder, and simply absorb the storm experience.  We made sure to turn off all lights so that we can fully enjoy our experience.  Something so trivial and simple can be incredibly enjoyable – this is one of the unofficial lessons I’m trying to teach the students. 

We are constantly bombarded with technology, and I really want them to absorb every experience to the fullest.

Until tomorrow……

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  1. I love the storm story. That's stuff that will stay with these students for a lifetime. Sounds like a swell trip. Yep I'm a little jealous. One day I hope to return!