Thursday, June 27, 2013

Day 9 – Same old, same old

We had a fantastic time in class this morning.  Our volunteers came to class prepared with a lecture about Chinese culture focusing on the Confucianism.  We also learned a bit about history, Chairman Mao, and some other pretty exciting things about Chinese culture.  After the lecture we engaged in the art of paper cutting.  Each person created some paper art, then we were judged based on our quality of work. Edgar, Carmelita and Daniel were the winners of the competition and were given a small prize from the volunteers.  After the art of paper cutting it was finally my turn to chat with the students.  We mainly talked about the assignments that are duetomorrow by midnight, and chatted about a few other housekeeping items.  Overall, the students are having a great time in both my lectures and engaging in what the volunteers have prepared.

Directly after class we went to lunch in the cafeteria; some skipped eating there, but a few showed up.  As always, it was delicious!!!  We then headed back to the dorms where some folks did laundry and most spent time completing their papers.  I finally had some time for myself and I headed out to the Pearl market where I did a bit of shopping.  I picked up a few items, but still have a lot more shopping to do.  I think the students need a bit of a break from shopping, but will likely pick it up again soon.  I’ve heard they need some items for family/friends back home, so they will likely be back in the haggling game in no time.

After shopping we came back to campus to hang out for a couple of hours where once again students wondered in and out of my room.  At about 6:30pm a small group of us headed out to the Italian Restaurant for a bite to eat.  We had debated either going back out to the restaurant or ordering in Pizza Hut and having a Big Bang Theory marathon.  But folks needed to finish papers, so a quick bite out had to suffice.  The evening is quite with students working on their papers and final projects for the course. 

Tomorrow we will be climbing the Great Wall and visiting the Summer Palace.  I’m sure we’ll get some great pictures.

Until tomorrow……

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