Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day 8 – It’s time to party…..

Today was a great day.  We had a language lesson in the morning and learned a Chinese song.  The students did great!!! 

We then had a former Beijing Travel Abroad student come in to talk to the class. Jeremiah traveled with SJSU to Beijing in 2011 for the very first study abroad trip, and loved the area so much that he found a job in Beijing and now lives here.  The first year he was in China he taught young students English, but now he teaches at the Aeronautics University.  His students are studying to be pilots and need to know fluent English, which Jeremiah teaches them.

Jeremiah and a colleague from the Aeronautics University came to teach the SJSU students about Chinese culture from an American perspective.  They did a great job introducing the students to both the culture and to night life. 

After class we headed to the cafeteria and had lunch.  We then traveled to the Eastern part of Beijing to visit the Aeronautics University and to take a tour of the Aeronautics Museum.  However, the museum would not let in such a large group without previous arrangements so we were turned away.  We did, however, get make a quick visit to a seven-eleven (7-11) for some drinks.

Afterwards we headed grab dinner at a place called ‘Just Kids’.  They served some great American burgers and drinks, which we all enjoyed.  We stayed there for a couple of hours and then the group headed out for some Karaoke.  I ended up coming back to the dorms early to get some work done…….Yes, I still have to work (prepare for classes, grade papers, and keep the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff moving along smoothly) while in Beijing, even though it feels a bit like a working vacation.  The students are fabulous, so I generally don’t mind.

From what I heard, the students had a great time last night and ended up coming home a bit before midnight.  No too bad considering I assumed they would be much later.  Everyone crashed soon after arriving back at the dorms.

Until tomorrow…….

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